The most important quality in a partner is a sense of humour

The most important quality in a partner is a sense of humour. Do you agree? 

    When asked about the qualities, which their perfect partners should have, most people answer that a sense of humour is one of the most important things they look for. But it is really the most vital one?

    On the one hand, if your partner has a good sense of humour, you will feel more relaxed and in a good mood most of the time. For example, when you are tense, an appropriate joke can change your whole day. Moreover, as you enjoy yourself in the company of your partner, you will not get bored with them and can have a really long and happy relationship. 

   On the other hand, you may not like your partner's sense of humour and then his / her company turns into real hell.In this case you and your partner are not the most suitable couple. The sense of humour is really important, but if the other qualities of your partner irritate you only it can't prevent your relationship from a breakdown.

   To sum up, the sense of humour is an important thing in a relationship, but it is not really the most essential one. In my opinion, the most significant thing for you is to have similar personalities and to love each other.   

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