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Ielts essay sample: Internet, communication and social interaction

Inventing the Internet was a revolution. It altered the way people behave and think and brought changes in their lifestyles. But what are the consequences of this turning point about a century later.

On the one hand, with the Internet a lot of aspects of our lives took a turn for the better. The first thing that comes to one's mind is definitely communication. The Internet gives us opportunity to immediately contact any person no matter where on Earth he or she is. Knowing that our family and friends are just one click away is something that we can be nothing but grateful for. The Internet is also an excellent tool of acquiring knowledge and provides any kind of information for those who seek. Up to a point, it replaces most of the books and newspapers nowadays. Thanks to the web we can explore the world and learn something new every day.  

On the other hand, while exploring the world virtually, sometimes it feels like we loose touch with reality. We are surrounded by all these social media that actually makes us less social and give us a counterfeit feeling of closeness. The harsh truth is, however, that all we will ever need is face-to-face communication and intimacy. Needless to say, some of the video channels and newsfeed that we check on a daily basis make us more and more resemble robots with identical thinking.

In conclusion, we must bear in mind that there is far more on the Internet than facebook statuses and texting. It is a matter of priority and I believe that it can offer a lot of opportunities if we use it for greater purposes.

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