Things that make you happy

Write about some of the things that make you happy. Use specific details to explain why these things to  make you happy. 

Happiness is a feeling which cannot be easily explained but we all know it when we feel it. Most people associate happiness with the experience of joy and satisfaction which makes you think life is worth living. There is no doubt that everyone has experienced it and knows which things make him / her happy.

In my view, the things that can make you happy can be different. For example, I am happy when I meet my friends, because we always enjoy ourselves and thus relax from the burden of everyday life. The moments when I am with my family and my relatives give me also pleasure. The fact that they are good and healthy makes me happy.

I also enjoy myself listening to the favourite music and even sometimes playing the favourite computer game. It gives me personal satisfaction when I am doing well at school because that makes me think I am a capable person. Sometimes, even the fact that I come home after a tiresome day at school and see my parents makes me feel happy. A lot of things can give a person the sense of happiness, even the most insignificant ones.

Being happy is a very complicated concept. One can go places, see things, do things, enjoy leisure, music, plays and even have all the money he / she needs and yet be unhappy. Happiness is connected with the inner feelings of a person and has a very comprehensive meaning.

To sum up, happiness is a wonderful feeling that can be expressed in different ways. Everyone strives to be happy because in this way you feel capable, strong and believe in the sense of life.

(!!!  Teacher's note - think of a better conclusion. )
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