Museums are a waste of money

Museums are a waste of money 

Many young people nowadays don't look at museums as valuable sources of information from the past, but as a place where everyone gets bored after ten minutes. In other words, they think that museums are a waste of money. Some people, however, have different opinions.

On the one hand, museums can tell us a lot about our ancestors and various cultures around the world, as well as the environment on the earth. They give us a visual illustration of what we study at school and this helps us to understand and remember a lot of things more easily. Moreover, all the people I know enjoyed when their teachers took them to look around a museum.

On the other hands, these days everything can be seen on a computer downloaded from the Internet. Furthermore, you don't have to go anywhere, just to sit in front of the monitor in your room and watch. Sometimes you can get much more detailed information on the Internet and this is especially useful if you have to create a project for school.

To sum up, everyone has a different opinion about the question but, to my mind, museums remain one of the best ways of displaying information to the younger generations, so I don't think that museums are a waste of money, at all.

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