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Should students learn how to survive in remote places, without modern technology?

We often hear about how important it is for students to learn how to survive in remote places, to organise their own shelter, to find food, etc. But what can they improve in their daily life thanks to this experience?
First of all, they will gain insight into different living conditions. Students will see how difficult it used to be in the past. The group will have to cope with the problems on their own and not to rely on anything from the new world. Although, some people might say that three days are not enough to gain and new insight (!!! teacher's note - "repetition"), I should disagree. Most people agree that three days are absolutely enough to understand how difficult it is to live without modern technology.
A second issue to consider is working in a team. This might be the biggest advantage of the project. Nowadays, it is very important to work in a team, to have a team spirit. Even employers look for this quality when they hire people. Moreover, living in a remote place even for three days could be very dangerous and you need to rely on other people. If you stand alone, you don't have good chances to survive. Teamwork is of vital importance and it can help you in a lot of different situations, not only in this one. Everyone from the group should have a task and be responsible for it. Thus you also learn that responsibility is crucial in life.
To sum up, despite being dangerous, living in a remote area could be very useful. The most essential thing you can learn from this experience is to work in a team and bear responsibility.

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