Describe the strangest thing that happened to you

Describe the strangest thing that happened to you


I ‘ll never forget that day – 09th of September. It was two days after my birthday and I was sitting in a chair on the balcony. I like to stay up at night watching the stars and thinking about some interesting concepts. I remember that it was rather hot. It was about midnight and I was thinking about meeting with my friend from (.... name of the city). I had managed to persuade her to stay with me for a few weeks and I was very happy. I was feeling sleepy and I decided to go to bed when I suddenly saw something like a lightning in the sky. It was very strange because the night was starless. I thought it couldn’t be lightning because neither was it raining, nor was there a thunder. The bright light remained for a few seconds and left a strange line in the black sky. I don’t remember anything else because I must have fallen asleep.

The following day I read in the newspaper that “a house went on fire” and there wasn’t any logical explanation for that. The owners were on holiday somewhere else!

This is maybe the strangest thing that has happened to me and I often think about it.... But the strange happening remains hidden in mystery. And .... maybe we’re not alone in the universe.

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