Informal Letter - Advice on saving money

Informal Letter - Advice on saving money

CAE Exam

Dear Sam,

How sensible of you to put some money away for rainy days! I wish I were a bit more like you about things like that! It may sound hilarious to you, but I haven’t saved anything since I started working in my father’s shop. Yet, I can imagine how difficult it is for you to decide what to do. Well, I ‘ ll try to help you.

Taking a break from the big city is irreplaceable as you probably are tense and fed up with your daily routine. And moreover, starting a college completely relaxed will be a great advantage (too formal). Because you will be fresh and full of energy to do all the stuff, required.

On the other hand, not having a car might be unpleasant shortcoming, especially, if you house is away from the collage (too formal). Why don’t you buy a cheap, second-hand car and have a holiday with the left part of the money. I know that you will have to put up with not so luxury vacation, but in this way you can have two things instead of one. I shared your problem with my mother and she thinks it will be a good idea to check if there are buses or trams which can be useful. And thus, driving your classmates won’t be a problem.

Don’t get confused, I believe you ‘ ll make the best of your savings. Write soon and let me know what’s happening.

Loads of kisses,


Note !!!: The letter is formal rather than informal. It has to be changes. 
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