Article - Happiness is a state of mind - version 2

FCE exam article example - Happiness is a state of mind

All around the world people talk how they are not happy, or how they have to pay taxes and go to work every morning and so on. Won’t you agree there is something else behind these words?

There are people who are always talking about their problems. These people won’t be happy soon. They are waiting for happiness to come to them. But the truth is that you have to find it on your own.

On the other hand, there are other people who talk about their successes and what they have achieved. They are not truly happy. If you are truly happy and satisfied with your life, you won’t talk about this, because you’ll be busy being happy.

You have to find your own version of happiness. You have to understand what makes you feel good. Then you’ll be truly happy. Don’t you agree that it is just a state of mind? You can’t touch it or smell it but you feel it. That is the most important thing – you have to feel that your life is fulfilled.
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