Informal Letter or Email to a Friend - Bad Experience

Informal Letter or Email to a friend - Selling an old camera on an Internet auction site.

Dear Amy, 

How are you doing? We haven’t heard each other for a long time, so I decide to write you a few lines. I also wanted to tell you about bad experience of mine. 

Recently, I ‘ve decided to sell my old camera. Although, it worked very well, I have already saved up for a new one with a better design. That’s why when a friend of mine told me about an auction site she had used before, I quickly signed up to it. 

At first, there was no interest in what I offered but after a few weeks someone wrote to me. I told her everything about the advantages of my device and she seemed very keen to buy it. The only thing that made her hesitate was the price. Then, I explained to her that it was a valuable camera, which is definitely worth its cost and she finally accepted the offer of 200$. In spite of this, she insisted on paying in instalments. Although, this didn’t appeal much to me, I agreed because I thought that there might not be a better customer soon and I needed the money. 

In a week’s time, I sent her the camera and received the expected sum. Unfortunately, I had problems with the action site, which wanted part of the money. What’s even worse, I wasn’t sent any of it the following weeks and nothing could be done about it. Then I realised that auction sites don’t offer enough security and comfort and I advise you never to use one! 

Give my regards to Emma and write soon. 

With love,
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