Report - The course for time management skills

Model answer for CAE and FCE exams: Report  

Topic: The course for time management skills


The aim of this report is to show how useful the course for time management skills was. I have gathered all the information during the course and it is based on my personal experience.

Positive sides

1 It was very useful to study the theory first. When we had learned the basics, we were able to put everything to practice and, in that way, we memorised the information quickly and soon managed to understand it completely.

2 At first, I was a little sceptical about this course but now I am really glad I did try it. It has helped me a lot to organise my time and now I have more time to rest.

Negative sides

1 I expected the groups to be smaller. It was really annoying at times because not everyone, including me, had the chance to put their questions about the issues discussed.

2 It was very tiring, because we had seminars all day long. After we went back home, we were too exhausted to study properly.

3 They gave us amazing handouts. But I am too busy now to have a second look at them.


To sum up, I will point out that this course was a really helpful and useful activity. I highly recommend you to send other people there. You will not be disappointed.

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