Formal Letter - A letter of application

Formal Letter example -  A letter of application: Organizer in International Adventure course

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am interested in your advertisement for the International Adventure course, which I saw in the weekly newspaper “Voice”. I would like to apply for the position of organizer.

I am a sixteen-year-old girl from ....( name of the city), .....(name of the country) and am interested in organising sports activities and social events for young people. I am fluent in English and German. I also gained some work experience last summer, while I was working as a volunteer in the USA. I am available during the whole summer, because I have a summer break for two months. 

My reason for applying for this position is that I hope it will contribute for my CV when I decide to go to university. I believe this work will be very interesting and I would enjoy meeting new people. 

I can be contacted at any time, which is suitable for you. I hope you will consider my application.

Yours faithfully,

..................(name of the person)
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