Report - Competitive sport: popular or not? version 1

Model answer for FCE and CAE Exams - Report 

Topic: Competitive sport: popular or not?

An overview

The aim of this report is to illustrate why young people are reluctant to take part in competitive sports and to make recommendations for ways of encouraging them to participate

Current Situation:

Many young people are less willing to take part in open competition because they’re not interested into doing so or are doing it for fun with their friends in their spare time. They are not motivated either and consider sports a waste of time or too much physical pressure.

Another part worth mentioning is that sports facilities are either too old, or in very bad condition, which is also a reason why students are not likely to participate.


First, I think competitions should run at times convenient for the young, for instance the weekend, when they are reluctant to return to school. This can be changed now.

I also think sports facilities should be renewed for those who are discourages from participating because of their state.

If there is a prize to motivate students, I think this will encourage them to take part more actively, since everyone loves being a winner.

Last but not least, I think there should be a class in school underlining the importance of doing sports for students’ health, in which sports teachers inspire the young because many of them are not well-informed.


To conclude with, I’d like to say that if these recommendations are implemented, I feel sure there will be a significant increase in the number of participations in competitive sports.


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