Reference - Hotel Receptionist

Character Reference letter template, CAE exam component 

              To whom it may concern

......... and I have worked as receptionists in a hotel for the last three years.

During the time we co-operated ..........., who is one of the best friends of my family, proved to be really careful in all administrative matters. She turned out to be very responsible and hard - working. Furthermore, she was well - organised, so was rarely absent from work. Her punctuality, combined with a friendly manner, made Sarah popular with her colleagues.

Regarding customers, she has a great deal of experience - ......... has travelled to a large number of countries all around the world. As a colleague, I have always found her well - bred and polite, which makes her a good leader.

Moreover, when I got acquainted with ...........she had some difficulties with getting used to a new job. At first, she was less confident and relaxed. However, ...........proved to be an intelligent person and she got accustomed to the job.

For all these reasons, I strongly believe that ........ would have much to contribute. It is clear from the job description that post you are seeking to fill would suit her very well. She would undoubtedly do an excellent job, so I have no hesitation in supporting her application.

Character Reference letter template, CAE exam component
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