Informal Letter - Letter to a Friend: Selling an old camera

Sample informal letter to a friend on the topic "Selling an old camera" for FCE and CAE exam task


How are you? I thought it would be a good idea to write to you and share some recent news.
I was hoping to sell my old camera that my aunt gave me a couple of years ago. I signed up on a site for selling, reselling, auctions and so on and I was really glad that I managed to get a registration.

There were a few setbacks, however, with this site that really annoyed me. The first thing is that you can't upload an image of your item. The second thing is that you have to be over 18 years old because you can be cheated somehow. And the third, the most annoying, is that you have to pay for this registration on the site.

There were a few clicks on my camera but nothing serious. I was going to give up on it when suddenly I had a message at my email. I was really excited that I was going to sell my camera. When I opened the email, I read that my camera was out of the list with the products to sell on this site because it was over a week now since I'd uploaded it. I'm really upset and was thinking of writing to the staff of the site but I'll do it later. I thought you might know someone who can buy it. You remember the camera I was with on our holiday last summer, right? It is in good condition and I'm selling it really cheap.

Have you tried selling anything on the Internet? Write to me and tell me if you've got any tips.

All the best,

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