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Charity Organisation

Writing CAE Proposal - sample answer


The purpose of this proposal is to suggest a charity organisation which could benefit from having free mobile phones.

The Charity Organisation

A very worthy charity organisation is .....This is an organisation in my local school, which helps children who come from poorer families and don't have the opportunities to do many things. It's because their parents don't have the means or because there are more children in their families. .....provides them with the opportunity to do different activities,in which they can participate all together and shows them round different places and sights.

How the organisation could use the phones

If our organisation had mobile phones, it could be much easier for us to do our job in the most efficient way. If the children have mobiles, their parents will let them in different events, even ones in other towns, and especially let them in excursions. In this way, they won't worry because they will be able to get in touch with their children at any time. It could also be much easier and useful for us to be in constant connection with the kids.


I would strongly recommend that out charity organisation should be given the money as it could improve safety and security and it would make more parents let their children come to use because they will feel more comfortable. Also, it could help us find sponsors for our charity to develop.  

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