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Time schedule of shops 

Sample CAE essay -  practice and preparation for the new format 

These days the time schedule of shops is a major concern for both workers and consumers. Both sides have certain requirements, which need to be satisfied. Don't you think an appropriate solution should be found?

The first possible option is for the shops to be open 24/7. In this way whatever an individual needs would be available. For example, if medicine is required, a pharmacy should be at disposal at any time. It seems to me that such issues are of frequent occurrence. So this new time schedule would definitely make our everyday life a lot easier. In addition, it would have a boost to local economy and small business.

On the other hand, this might cause discontent among workers who would have to work long hours. Therefore, another alternative approach is for shops to be closed on Sundays and holidays. Thus staff will be able to have their due breaks. Consumers should be prepared for days - off. They could try to buy all they need on Saturdays. Furthermore, a first-aid-kit should be available in any house, as pharmacies would not work on some days.

To sum up, free Sundays and holidays would be the best approach to start with. I am convinced that all citizens of the country deserve a day - off. To this end, both consumers and workers will have to make compromises from which they would benefit. 

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