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Some people feel that the responsibility for providing education should be borne only by the government and that private education should be banned 

Some people are of the opinion that education is a responsibility which only government should deal with private schools need to be banned. This may seen to be fair enough but will the situation really take a turn for the better?

On the one hand, private schools are luxury which only well-to-do families can afford. In order to provide the best teachers for their kid, parents are willing to spend a huge amount of money and there is no wonder why public schools are not their choice. But to all appearances a lot of the world's population is deprived from quality education due to shortage of money. They are more likely to be one or more steps behind those who paid to be educated better. From this point of view it seems to be more fair if private schools and teachers are banned by law and everyone is educated equally and freely by the government's system.

On the other hand, every rational person can realise that this system does not provide enough. Firstly, public schools don't usually ensure quiet atmosphere and teachers are not motivated to work due to low payment. What is more important, if a kid wants to develop his or her knowledge in a certain area, it can't be done just by attending school. Self - education could be an option, but, it doesn't always work, so that is why hiring teachers and private schools are preferable.

In conclusion, if the government does not provide quality education system and public schools, there will always be need for private education. Although, it is not fair for those who can't afford it, those who can should not be restricted and deprived of developing their knowledge.  

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