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Soon everybody will be downloading music from the Internet and music shops will disappear

Most of the music listened to nowadays is downloaded from the Internet, so a lot of people suppose that music shops will disappear. But is that really true? 

On the one hand, to download music from the Internet is quicker and easier. You can do it even from home. Moreover, you don't have to pay for it because it's free. Many people prefer to get music in this way rather than go to a music shop. It's much more convenient .

On the other hand, a lot of music albums and songs are only limited editions and you can't get them unless you buy them from the music shop. I agree that some of them are really expensive, but they are usually worth buying. Furthermore, there are old tracks that can't be found anywhere except in the retro music shops. And a lot of people find it exciting to search for their favourite album among all these old discs and cassettes. 

To sum up, it's easier, quicker and free to download music from the Internet but, in my opinion, music shops have a bright future because there are so many people who want to have the original discs. 

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