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Model Essay on the topic " Is science evil? " 

Is science evil? People’s opinions on this question differ widely. I think that science has altered our lives in a positive way. Here are some facts to support my view. 

First of all, I should say that life nowadays is unthinkable without science. In the century of advancing communications and technology it is hard to imagine the world without medicine, astronomy, computers, and history. People today are interested in learning about the surrounding world, about new civilizations and distant planets. Science explains to us a lot of the things that we previously were not aware of. Without its help, for example, we would have never realized were we have come from. It also gives us clues that there may be life on other planets and we might not be the most superior beings in the world. 

By using computers nowadays it is very convenient to find the information you are looking for. 

There is no secret for the human beings today because they have explored every place on the Earth. They climb the highest mountains, dive in the depths of oceans, and conduct dangerous experiments and all for the sake of science. The present belief is that scientific approach will solve all the problems and do away with all difficulties. With its help, for example, people are able to cope with natural disasters. We know how to destroy hail clouds which can cause great damage to our crops. We are also able to protect ourselves from various diseases and help the sick. That is why science is so significant nowadays.

On the other hand, the greatness of science goes together with its disadvantages. For example, we are obliged to agree that science has given no answer to man’s doubts. The obsession to know everything has urged some of us to make dangerous experiments for which we pay with our lives. 

To conclude with, I will only say that science makes our lives easy. With its help we cope with different situations and that is why it is so fundamental to human existence and I think is not evil.

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  1. Science is absolutely essential in nowadays , such as a computer, a mobile and TV . All of them are very important in our life, we cannot imagine our live without them, we can say that human become slave to technology


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