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Proposal - Organisation of 20th anniversary of a company

CAE Exam Writing Task - Sample Answer

The aim of this proposal is to provide suitable recommendations concerning the organisation of the 20th anniversary of our company. We were asked to write it, so we undertook research through a survey.

Additional Information

As the company will celebrate its anniversary next year, we reckon that the event we plan should be impressive in order never to be forgotten. Therefore, our final suggestion is to organise a luxurious cocktail party combined with a fancy dress party. Thus the event will appeal to everybody’s taste – no matter whether the guests prefer formal and smart or casual and spontaneous social evenings. Furthermore, every single detail of the organisation should be carefully scrutinised if we don’t want to create a negative impression.


The ideal event we could arrange should have three main features.

  1.  We should make sure that everybody, who is in charge of the company or of great importance to it, has been invited. That way we will avoid eventual troubles that may appear afterwards.
  2.  Special dress code should be required for example, all the guests will be asked beforehand to wear costumes only in black and white. Thus, the event will attract everybody’s attention.
  3. Representatives of the media should be invited to participate. This way we could raise public awareness of the event.


A 20th anniversary is a day that should remain memorable for everybody. If you take my suggestions into consideration, I assure you that this party could set its mark on the company’s history.

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