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Describe the ideal house you would design or build if you could. What would be the factors you would take into consideration in arriving at your design?

In our overpopulated world having a house in the country look more like a fantasy than reality. Living in our little flat I have often dreamed of the perfect house I would like to build for my future family. 

I would take into consideration a number of factors in its design. First of all, it would be near the sea which I deeply love. Moreover, it would be intended for rest during the holidays, so peace will be absolutely necessary. We would also choose a place where we could feel safe. There should be convenient transport to the town where we work. We would also like it to be big enough for the whole family and with a modest outward design. 

The house would be a medium-sized villa situated in an open area near the sea shore. It would be within half an hour from the nearest town and close to the main road. There may also be some neighbours in proximity to rely on in case of emergency or criminal offence. 

My ideal house would be two stories high and all of the exterior walls would be covered with green creeping plants. Its interior will depend on three important factors: comfort, light and warmth. Opening the front door, one would find himself in a small hall leading to the living-room. It would be spacious, sunny, with one of the walls made of glass. There would also be a fireplace and a winding staircase to the next floor. The dominant yellow, green and beige colours, together with the light scent of flowers would contribute to the soothing atmosphere. A door would lead to the dining-room and then to the kitchen. It would be spacious and decorated in white, so as to suggest a sense of cleanness and order. 

The second storey would house the three bedrooms – for each of our two children and a double for my husband and me. As an ardent lover of the night sky, I would particularly insist that our bedroom should have a glass roof. 

There would also be bathrooms on each floor and a veranda near the dining room. The kitchen would also look onto a garden-croft, because we would like to grow our own vegetables. 

My ideal house – a sweet dream or an attainable goal? Ask me in ten years.

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