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Science - overwhelming, interesting, fulfilling! 

(sample answer for FCE Article writing task)

     Did you hate science at school because you thought it's the most boring thing in the world? Well, to be honest, I had the same opinion a week ago. But it was the science conference for young people in ........ which presented science in a different light and changed my views about it dramatically. There I also learnt a lot about subjects like "What's happening now in the world of science?" and "What career prospects can scientists have around the globe?".

      The conference was a real experience for most of the people since it was held for 3 days in March. The guest speakers were some of the most famous in the field and as long as they were all from various countries, the working language was English, which was another advantage for me. 

     Some interesting experiments were shown but the unpleasant drawback was that all the rooms were stuffed with people and in some cases it was hardly possible to see what the experiments really was. 

     The most useful thing, however, turned out to be the career desk, which had lots of information and competent assistants willing to help everyone! 

      The only aspect I didn't like was the food because it was costly and in small amounts, but if you took your own lunch, you'd be OK! The venue where the conference was held was, actually far from the town,
so I hope they will find a better place next year.

       I strongly advise you to go and see the real thing and you'd be surprised how it could change your mind and dreams about the future.  

CAE/FCE writing example

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