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Sample essay on the topic "Look at the future"

As the world keeps turning, all kind of people come and go from this planet, and future gets nearer and nearer. It seems to me that future is the most tempting and mysterious thing that people so often talk about and dream of. But hardly anyone knows what exactly life on earth will be in four or five hundred years.

Everybody has his own ideas about future. Most people think life will be a lot better – a life without illnesses and without any problems. Others, however, are prone to think that in few hundred years mankind will at least ruin earth’s natural resources and will cause its self –destruction. I am myself very optimistic and believe that future will bring better days. When I imagine future cities and people, I see them in my mind quite different from the present ones. I see bigger cities, build not only on the ground, but also in the air, strange and beautiful buildings, shaped variously and fast shiny cars racing gracefully at an unbelievable speed. Just like a beautiful picture of a fairytale. I want somehow to jump over a few centuries and find myself into the future because I am so curious about it. But I can only fantasize because I don’t think this will happen or I will turn out to be immortal.

In my opinion everybody believes that life in future will be completely mechanized and technically improved. And it will be really so. Technical advance grows and grows every day. We see how men are trying to make some activities easier to do with the help of computers and other machines. Every machine will be improved and perfect in future and new ones will be invented. Life will be both easier and more complex.

Future is a dream to us that will never come true. But to our children’s children it will be a reality and I hope it will be a better reality.

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