Report - Raising Money for Charities

Raising Money for Charities


The aim of this report is to involve young offenders in charities with the purpose to collect money for people in need. I conduct a survey among young offenders and officers responsible for them.

General Information

It seems that everyone is sure that this will have a positive effect on the offenders. They will be motivated to organise and participate in different charities. Also, they should work hard to do something positive. The main purpose of the project is to encourage young offenders to change their attitude for good. Collecting money for people in need is a big positive aspect of the project, as well.

The charities

It was decided that offenders should take part in charities because the experience would provide important life skills for them. For instance, they could organise jumble sales. They can display their old belongings, such as clothes, toys, books and even handmade items. 

Another way offenders can raise money is to wash cars. According to them, this is a kind of fun way (!!! informal) to collect money.

Results of the project

All the raised money could be donated for different good causes, like: 

  • children in need
  • homeless people
  • elderly people with small income


To summarise, the project has benefits for both sides. On the one hand, young offenders will understand the impact of offending behaviour. On the other, the project will help them to change their attitude towards ........ Moreover, a lot of money could be raised for people in need. It is the best step in the right direction.

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