Describe a favourite relative

Describe a favourite relative 

My cousin Matt, is the son of my mother's sister. He is seven years older than me and this used to be an obstacle to our communication for a long time. But as I grew older the gap between us became smaller and recently we have become very close friends.

He is a rather short person, of average height and with blond hair. The most remarkable thing about him is his face. It is round and shining like the sun because he is constantly smiling. I don't remember ever seeing him gloomy.

 The clothes he wears are mostly casual. Your first impression will be of someone careless. But you will be wrong. My cousin is the smartest and the most responsible and ambitious person I have ever known. Thanks to those qualities he won a scholarship in the USA. There he managed to establish himself in a society that at first rejected him.

Matt and I share the same taste for films, books and music. We have a lot of common interests to talk about and I can always learn something new from him.

Sometimes he uses his brilliant sense of humour to peck at me and he finds it a great pleasure to get on my nerves. But more often it is very funny to listen to him when he is joking and he is always able to cheer me up.

I don't have brothers or sisters and accept him as my big brother. And I think I am very lucky to have such a cousin beside me because he is someone I can always rely on.

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