IELTS Diagram - Sales of CDs, LPs and cassettes

IELTS Graph example - Sales of CDs, LPs and cassettes

IELTS Writing task 2

Sales of CDs, LPs and cassettes 

The graph shows changes in the sales of CDs, LPs and cassettes in the UK over a period of 24 years. 

In 1973, over 80 million of LPs were sold and they were clearly the most popular way of listening to records (!!! note -vague). However, this figure decreased gradually to 40 million around 1988. Moreover, around 1997 the sales of LPs reached their lowest point and were stopped. 

Conversely, around 1973 cassettes were not so widely spread on the market. Bu the figures for the period from 1978 to 1988 suggest a marked increase in the sales, especially between 1983 and 1988, They were at a peak around 1990 with 80 million of copies and overtook those of LPs but afterwards fell gradually to 40 million in 1997. 

CDs were firstly introduced in 1983 and since then there has been a rapid increase in their sales. CDs almost completely replaced LPs and cassettes and in 1997 reached around 160 million of copies. 

To sum up, sales of LPs over the mentioned period stopped completely; these of cassettes were significantly reduced, while in contrast, those of CDs rose sharply.
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