Essay - Idea of success in life version 3

 Idea of success in life version 3

“Success” – what is hidden behind this word? What does it really mean? Everybody finds a different meaning in it. For some people success is money, power and popularity, for others – love, friends and a good family.
It is difficult for me to answer this question. During the years my idea of success in life has been changing and now I cannot find the reply to the question. “What is your idea of success in life?” . Many times I have been searching for it, but I have never expressed my success in life in such words as wealth, great power, etc. Because I am convinced that money cannot make you happy, although it can help you feel comfortable. 
As I mentioned, before, I have had different opinions on this topic. When I first asked myself and tried to think of an answer, it just came to my mind and everything seemed so simple. It happened when I was living in my own world and dreaming about my prince who would come and take me to the wonderland. The life seemed so easy.
After some years, when I had decided to become a doctor, I wanted to be a well – known specialist and to help people. Then my idea of success in life was to make a career. I wanted to become a great doctor (a surgeon, in particular) but I was thinking of something else as well – a family. I know it’s impossible to be a good mother and careerist at the same time. 
Since I’ve changed my mind, now I don’t bother myself with this problem. I think I’ve finally found the meaning of the word “success” for me it means love, friendship, people, whom I know and I can rely on, a good job.
Sometimes, it is difficult for me to write about my feelings and opinion. I look deep in my heart, try to find the right words but it’s not that simple. Nevertheless, I do not give up!
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