Informal Letter - Favourite Movie

 Informal Letter, FCE Exam - Favourite Movie

  This sample Informal Letter for FCE Exam comes with marked mistakes. See what are some possible errors and misspellings. Enjoy!

Dear Jane,

I got (received) your letter yesterday. It was very nice hearing from you. I’ve been studying very hard these days for my Chemistry exam. But now some free time came up, so we can meet.

I checked the cinema program and guess what favourite movie “Scent of a Woman” is on the screen now! You know I’ve seen it a hundretd times, but I will enjoy seeing it again. My exam is in two days, so we can go after thant. Do you fancy having a pizza after the movie?

You remember Tom and Frank from my class, don’t you? They are also interested in coming, it’ll be funnier. Why don’t we meet at 6 p.m. in front of the cinema? If something comes up, text me.

Lots of love,

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