Essay - Will computer take over the world - version 3

Will computer take over the world-version 3

The computer is one of the most useful machines ever invented. It does any kind of work including hard work which requires accuracy and strength. Although the computer itself is unable, for example, to put together the parts of a car, this task is performed by a robot, controlled by a computer. These machines are everywhere – in schools, television, factories, at home. There is not a single office without a computer. In one of these gadgets we store information which will otherwise be written on hundreds and even thousands of books. But it’s not only the information. By pressing one or two computer keys one can immediately enter some international computer network or reach a far away foreign country. The computers arrange dates, sell commodities, spread information and operate machines.

More and more people decide to become programmers or operators. I think even now computer start overtaking our world. We can see their importance quite easy when a computer virus infiltrates the network. When hundreds of the users cannot work properly it immediately brings destruction – hospitals, airports even the smallest companies would be thrown into confusion and panic. People’s lives depend completely on these calculating machines.

There is another negative effect of the computers – the computer games. Not only children but adults too stare for hours at the flashing screen and become prisoners of the new obsession. But every cloud has a silver lining – the positive aspect of the computer cannot be denied. This apparatus makes everything easier and is necessary part of human progress – spaceflights for example, the great new movie technologies. That’s why, I think the role of the computers will increase greatly in the next few years.
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