Formal Letter - to the Editor, version 2

Formal Letter to the Editor (Model Answer)

Dear Editor,

I am writing in response to an article you published in your newspaper. There were several aspects the “Medieval Society” fair you misdescribed and, since I helped out on the committee, I’d like to make some corrections.

First of all, I think that this year’s “Medieval Society” fair was a failure, given the number of visitors and the fact that the parking place was full of cars and there was no space for everyone.

Secondly, the archery display was actually pretty interesting and appealing to the visitors and especially the kids, who care absolutely fascinated by it.

Thirdly, you point out that the cookery demonstrations were unattended. In fact, there was again not enough space for everyone to see them.

Last but not least, you failed to describe the event as a whole and you have said that the medieval dancing display wasn’t impressive. Well, the truth is that, according to our visitors, it was not only lovely but also really professional. Some of them also express regret about not having the opportunity to attend the event since it was full of people and there was no place for them.

To sum up, I’d like to say that the event went brilliantly and everybody loved it. Therefore, I would ask you to rewrite your article about the “Medieval Society” fair since you presented it untruly in your previous article.

Yours faithfully,

Jane Wilson
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