Describe an Ideal House - version 2

Task: Describe an ideal house

The ideal house is for me such a place where I will always get comfort, peace and rest. 

What will my house be like? I close my eyes and see it in front of me at once. First of all, it is overlooking the sea. The sea is my passion. I want every day to breathe and feel the smell of it and hear the black-headed gulls. There’s no need to use any transport to get to the city from the house, because it will take you only a ten minutes’ walk. That’s very important for me because all my life I am dependent on something else – for example, the buses. 

It is two storeys high. There’s a huge garden in front of it. Its interior depends on the light and warmth. I come in and find myself in a small hall leading to the living – room. The living room is decorated all in wood. There is a fireplace, in the middle of it. It smells nice here. The kitchen is next to it. You can get there through a “secret” door – you have to press button on the wall and you’ll be in the kitchen which is a big one, decorated all in white. When I look around I see the newest devices (that are useful). All is in order, put in the right place. A door leads to the dining – room. It’s a spacious one with a big round wooden table and comfortable chairs. Everywhere there are beautiful flowers and windows so that it always smells of fresh air. From the dining – room a spiral staircase is going up to the second floor. There are bedrooms of all of my family – two for each of my children and a big one for my husband and me. Every bedroom has a huge terrace with a lot of flowers and overlooking the sea. On that floor there is another huge room which is our library – with a lot of books, magazines and a big computer. 

I love listening to music and there is a sound system which helps to hear music in every room in the house. 

I open my eyes. Will my ideal house stay only in my dreams or will it become true? Well, only the time will tell!

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