Essay - Appearances can be deceiving

Free Essay Model Answer on the Topic: Appearances Can Be Deceiving

In most cases people are judged by their appearance. When I get acquainted with people who I don’t know or have never met before, it is their appearance first that makes impression on me. But I realize later that most of the times I have been wrong.

I agree with the statement that appearance can be deceiving. Sometimes when I see a handsome and attractive boy, I think he is good hearted amusing and interesting. I wish I could have the chance to get to know him in order just to comprehend his character. But if I have that chance he usually disappoints me and has nothing to do with the person I have imagined.

I have come across the opposite situation, of course. I mentioned before, most people are judged by their appearance. But I think that not only the outer look is important.  For me people’s inmost feelings, their spiritual nature and their inner beauty are of greater importance than their appearance. For I have met people who are not attractive and their appearance is deceiving g, but who are good-natured, hearty and sincere.
I am convinced that in most cases the first impression people make on me is wrong. I am often prejudiced against new people and I need some time to understand their true nature and personality.  Later I find out that I have been judging their character by their appearance. But, whenever I make such mistakes I try to correct myself and be honest with the people I meet.

I know that appearances can mislead and every time I get to know someone I try to assess his inner beauty and character and not to pay attention to the outer look.

To sum up, I would say that for me it’s not so easy not to take into account people’s appearances can be misleading but I am convinced that the outer beauty, in most cases, has nothing to do with real, inner beauty.

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